Friday, 3 April 2009

That by the way is the logo for Christchurch School in Ahford, Kent. And I'm part of a bereavement support team that is now going in on Fridays and listening to students open up about losing loved ones. What a privilage, and they are opening up - it's amazing! Tears galore, and that's just me. 3 of us meet up with students from all walks of life who book in during the week for a session and then they come and tell us all about what is going on - just them and us.
We are just 3 complete strangers to them, but it works! I'm going in today and am really looking forward to it. We are recording a DVD for their assembly time to promote the service, and are showing a clip from Save The Last Dance (Yes, what a boring girly movie, but I'm sure they will love it!) Anyhow I'm nattering on and I should be getting ready - I should be leaving in 15 minutes and I'm not even dressed - pants!