Thursday, 7 May 2009

It hasn't taken me long to realise that I'm lazy when it comes to blogging!

Talk about hard work, Joyce (in the office - the real worker) has just told me to update my blog coz I haven't been on here for ages!

I'm realising, slowly but surely that when it comes to blogging it is hard work, and funnily enough they don't write themselves, also have I really got that much to say about anything...

What I do know is that I have been stuck up a ladder painting the church office the last couple of days with Josh - no, not both of us up the ladder! (Josh is a mate who is doing a year out for the Church) We have been singing our little hearts out, listening to some classics on the radio and not really caring what we sound like. I must record it next time and put it on here - we could make ourselves millions! lol.

See that is the sort of thing I need to start thinking about if these blogs are going to be any good. I'm sure there would be nothing you would love more than listening to us singing 80's love songs...!