Thursday, 7 January 2010

Ok now, maybe writing on here... could be a new years resolution!

Truth is I realise that I haven't got a great deal to say...

Although I do believe that I had a moment of revelation the other day. I was on the phone to someone (needs to obviously remain nameless) who could not get over seeing God as an 'over the top' - punisher God who had made up his mind and was ready to dish out punishment for this persons past mistakes.

She referred to the fact that she had 'made her bed, and now she had to lay in it.' I kept thinking how can I help this lady, and I was struggling to find any kind of inspiration - then the phone went dead for some reason, which allowed me a few seconds to shoot up a prayer as I knew that she would be phoning back. In that moment I heard an inner voice say "Yes she has made her bed, BUT I WILL LAY IN IT" I thought thats it - thats grace! Of course, As soon as she rung back I told her, and I believe that the penny started to drop.


  1. Yea and he will do it time and again.
    Strange that one Grace!
    Can we not put his grace to the test to often though?
    Surely one day it will run out.

  2. humanly you would think so, but it does not seem to be that way. God seems to have His heart set on it. I'm sure sometimes He races us to get His forgiveness in before we get the chance to say sorry. Like the guy who was lowered on the mat, through the roof in front of Jesus, he didn't even get time to say sorry before Jesus forgave him. I like that!